Boudoir/Glamour Tips & Wardrobe Ideas

Tips on what to wear and what to bring:

  • 3-4 looks depending on your package choice. This may include a sexy dress, lingerie, bodysuit, a veil if you are a bride, your man’s button down shirt and tie, favorite sports jersey.

  • For dress look, think classic black little sexy dress or even cocktail dress. Choose something that you feel sexy in or perhaps one of your significant other’s favorite dress.

  • For lingerie choose bra and panty sets, corsets, boustiers or teddies, nylons, garters. Skip the baby dolls. They usually don’t look flattering in photos.

  • If you plan to wear nylons, do bring an extra pair in case one rips.

  • Black bra and panties. Always simple, sexy and classic

  • Be sure to choose pieces to accentuate your strong points. Be sure it enhances your shape and the color should compliment your skin tone. For example, if you have great abs, do consider wearing bras and panty set. If you are a mom and feel self-conscious about your midsection, consider not wearing two piece outfits but wearing a one piece teddy, corset, boustier or body suit. Have a great tush? Do bring a variety of panty styles.

  • Feel free to incorporate accessories! Costume Jewelry, hats, big colorful earrings, your guy’s white button down shirt, favorite sports jersey, etc.

  • High heels. This is an essential part of boudoir photography. Don’t forget to bring a pair of heels. Two inch heels are not considered high heels. Think 5-6 inch heels, stilettos, peep toe shoes, platforms, etc. One pair in either black or nude should be sufficient

  • Nude nylons and nude heels help elongate your legs. Do consider choosing nylon over black if you want your legs to look longer.

  • Other great items to incorporate are boots, furs, leather jackets, sheers.

  • Please be sure that EVERYTHING FITS CORRECTLY! Make sure that the bras, corsets, etc. are not too tight, small or too big. Proper fitting lingerie is very important in your photos.

  • Most importantly, put on what you feel sexy in, women uncomfortable in outfits they don’t like tend to have poor facial expressions and you can tell they feel uncomfortable looking at the photos.

  • You can wear just about anything or nothing for your boudoir photos. Boudoir is not just about wearing sexy underwear! Anything goes nowadays!