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Long Island NY Boudoir Photographer

I am a Long Island and NY Boudoir Photographer. I have the privilege of photographing many women who want beautiful, elegant and sexy magazine style photos of themselves and want to experience what it feels like to be a supermodel. Boudoir is also a way for women to celebrate their own bodies and sexuality in a safe and supportive environment.

The Boudoir Experience

All women want to feel attractive and desirable at any age. A boudoir photo experience can help you discover or rediscover the sexy goddess inside of you. Every woman is beautiful and unique, so each and every shoot is customized to your personality and wishes. Some women dress all the way up in lingerie, thigh highs and heels, while others throw on a bodysuit or a top with a pair of boy shorts and go barefoot. Some may want partial or implied nudity, some may not. Each woman brings something unique to a session.

Who is Boudoir for?

Everyone! My clients are women just like you. They are not models and most have never done something like this before. They have the same fears like you probably do. I work with all ages, shapes and sizes!

Some Reasons why you would consider having a boudoir photoshoot

There are many reasons why a woman would want to have a boudoir photoshoot. While there is never a wrong reason for coming in for a boudoir photo session, I am going to share 4 great reasons why you would want one. Below are the most common reasons clients come in for a session with me:

  • A gift Boudoir photography is a beautiful intimate gift that many women will want to give to their new husbands either as a wedding day gift. It can also be a great gift for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day or the holidays!
  • Celebration. A boudoir photoshoot can help document a special occasion. Have you been working hard on losing weight, dieting and working out at the gym and/or have had a body transformation? Have you reached some goal that you have been working really hard at? Maybe you just want to flaunt of those results. Or perhaps you recently got a promotion, got divorced or are celebrating a milestone such as a 30,40, 50 or even 60th birthday!
  • Feeling Empowered. Pushing your boundaries and doing something that is outside your comfort zone can be scary to a lot of women. Getting sexy and standing in front of a stranger and a camera with hardly any clothes can be terrifying. However once you experience a boudoir shoot and you see the end results your photos you will feel empowered. In fact many of my clients have told me that they feel stronger and more confident after the shoot.
  • Just Because! Sometimes you just don't need a reason or excuse to have a boudoir shoot. You're enough of a reason to shoot a boudoir session because you are worth it!

Are you thinking about booking a boudoir photoshoot?

Please fill out my contact form to hear more. I can't wait to hear from you!