Maternity Photography in Long Beach

Maternity Photography in Long Beach

Having your maternity photography session in Long Beach, NY is a nice spot on Long Island to capture this special time in your life.

I have done several photoshoots in Long Beach including maternity photoshoots and it is definitely one of my favorite locations on Long Island to capture photos.

When is a good time to take maternity photos in Long Beach, NY

A question that i frequently get asked from my clients is when is a good time of the year to take maternity photos in Long Beach. Since Long Beach is obviously known for its beach and chances are if you are thinking about having your maternity photos taken in Long Beach it is because you are looking to do a beach photoshoot. It is therefore not surprising that the best time to take photos in Long Beach will obviously be during the summer months between June - September. I suggest booking any photoshoot on the beach during the week in the late afternoon/early evening during the summer since weekends will be extremely crowded with everyone being on the beach and it will get tricky to keep people out of your backgrounds. I also suggest that you plan to have your maternity photos taken during the 7th month of your pregnancy. You will have the perfect bump to show your pregnancy, but more importantly you will not want to wait too long to schedule your photo session as you may become more uncomfortable and tired by then.

What should I wear for a Long Beach photoshoot

Many of my maternity clients like to wear maternity gowns for their beach photoshoots, however, some client like to keep it casual and just wear a nice summer maternity dress. The choice is really up to you and what you prefer and will feel comfortable in. You want to make sure that the style of dress is YOU. Don't wear a gown if you are a casual person that mostly wears casual clothing.

If you are interested in booking a photoshoot in Long Beach, please get in contact me with me here.

Location: Long Beach, NY.