Long Island Medical Residency Headshots

Long Island Medical Residency Headshots

Your upcoming medical residency is a very exciting time. You are required to provide a headshot of yourself as part of your medical residency application. Residency programs use the photos for identification when you interview. Having a professional headshot when applying for a residency program is very important to being accepted.

What makes a great Professional Medical Residency Headshot?

A person is 10 times more likely to be picked for an interview with a professional headshot. Having a professional headshot taken shows that you care and are serious about your application. There are several things that go into making a great headshot:

  1. Professional Lighting. Having a headshot taken with poor lighting can seriously hurt your chances of landing your dream residency or job! Good professional lighting will always stand out!
  2. A Clean Backdrop. It is highly recommended that you use a solid clean backdrop such as white or light grey for your headshots. These backgrounds tend to stand out more and make subjects "pop" on the ERAS sites. You do not want any distractions. The viewer should be completely engaged and focused on you only. Which leads me to the third and probably the most important factor.........
  3. Expression! This is super important. Your headshot absolutely must portray confidence and approachability. You want to look connected with the viewer and look friendly so that they feel that you will get along on their staff. Today you have milliseconds to make an impression, therefore you must have the right expression to stop the scroll.

If you are on Long Island and need to have a professional medical residency headshot taken then get in touch to learn more.

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